Insight And Action Life Coaching by Karen Shapiro

Karen Shapiro

Welcome to
Insight & Action Coaching
My name is Karen Shapiro, and I provide coaching services through my company Insight & Action, LLC. It is my pleasure to help you determine if coaching may be right for you and, if so, whether I may be the right coach for you. 


Stated simply, a coach can help you make positive changes in your life.
The coach never tells you what to do, but rather, works cooperatively with you to define your goals and design step-by-step action plans to achieve them.  With a coach, you may choose to work on improving the quality of your life, finding more balance or achieving a particular goal or set of goals.  You may work with a coach on personal and/or professional goals.   You may have clear goals or just a vague sense that your life could be better.  In any case, hiring a coach can powerfully and meaningfully improve your life.

As your coach, it is my aim and mission to help you clarify your goals and the steps to achieve them in a safe, supportive and trusting environment.  

If we work together, we would typically meet weekly by phone or in-person for 45 minute sessions. Each coach has his or her own unique style and approach, and it is important that you have a good fit with your coach.  My style can best be described as authentic, honest, caring and direct.  To determine if I am the right coach for you, I encourage you to try a 30 minute session free of charge. 

Insight helps you learn about yourself, your true desires, strengths and obstacles.  Coaching promotes such insights and provides a safe place for you to choose the best course of action.  You set the agenda, the coach helps you map out the plan of action to achieve your goals and reach your potential.

Discover the possibilities
of what coaching can do for you
Perhaps you know exactly what you want but could use support in getting there; or, you may feel stuck in unhelpful patterns or habits.  This is human and natural.  With a coach, you will find more choice available to you in what you can do and how you can achieve it. By providing clarity, encouragement, and greater awareness of choice, coaching will help you move into action and achieve tangible results.